I am the Republican candidate for Mayor in city of Louisville Metro ,Kentucky 

  Ready To serve the Citizens of Louisville Metro

 I am the Republican Candidate for Mayor for the City of Louisville Metro, Kentucky. I want to personally thank the Louisville voters who participated in the 2012, 3rd District Congressional election. Especially, all 4019 voters who supported me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  With much pondering and counsel from my closest friends, I believe, I should participate in the improvement of my own back yard here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Focusing on city issues such as term limits, expanding middle class opportunities, solidifying the police, and metro employee’s retirement funds, and insuring adequate budgeted funds for all city agencies. We should eliminate the occupational taxes which targets the working poor and Middle class citizens and use sale taxes to generate tax revenue.  

  To energize the business and personal properties, I believe in cutting all property taxes in half which will create cash flow for businesses and create jobs. For Louisville citizens cutting personal property taxes will give them cash needed to pay for personal expenses . 

  Most of all, I am willing to put in place term limits for Mayor. There should be two four-year terms to follow the same example of term limits for the Governor and President of the United States of America. This term limit proposal will open doors and give opportunity to all possible candidates who are qualified and are willing to serve this great city, Louisville, Kentucky.  

  Please help me help others by first donating to my campaign. A donation as little as $5.00 can help me inform others on my conservative ideas. I believe our city can be in the top ten cities in the USA with better job opportunities and a friendly atmosphere. It starts with all of us participating and contributing to my campaign.  

God Bless, 
Bob DeVore, Jr. 

P.S Please send any donations for my campaign funds to:  

  8131 Eagles Crest Court 

  Louisville KY 40291 

I am the Republican candidate for Mayor for the City of Louisville Metro.  

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Veterans parade 2013 , downtown Louisville Kentucky
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